First Time In Prague: 10 Favorites

Prague had been on my European citytrip shortlist for a long time, but for some reason I never made it until April this year. The weather was not on our side, but that didn’t stop us from having fun. Because Prague is all about fun! Here are my ten favorites for a first time in Prague.

#1- Join a pub crawl

Prague at night is full of drunk people on bachelor parties. You can either be bothered by them or join them. We went for the second option, with a pub crawl in Prague’s old town. Don’t expect any great beers (at least not if you’re Belgian), but a fun start of your night out is guaranteed. Afterwards, we danced off all the beers to golden oldies in James Dean club.


#2- Cosy up at a brunch spot

On a rainy morning, there is nothing I’d rather do than have a big brunch. Truth be told, same goes for a sunny morning. There are many cosy brunch spots to escape the weather in Prague. My favorite was the hip Mistral Café, but Café Louvre also serves a brunch impeccable.


#3- Climb Petrin Hill & Tower

The Petrin tower might look like a watered-down version of the Eiffel tower, it does offer a fine view of the city and its many bridges. A pleasant walk up the green Petrin hill brings you to the base of the tower.


#4- Cross the Vltava

The narrow streets of Malá Strana guide you from Petrin hill to the most beautiful of bridges, Charles bridge. With the beauty come the crowds, with the crowds the local artists. Just make sure to pick another bridge when you’re in a hurry.


#5- Get lost in Prague Castle

The Prague Castle complex is enormous. We had just taken a free walking tour of Prague’s old town, so we didn’t feel like going on another guided tour through the castle. Given its size, we probably should have. But Prague wine was waiting for us on the other side, so we visited the castle at a gallop.

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#6- Sample a Prague Pinot Noir

It came as a surprise to me that Prague has its own wine. On top of that, it can be enjoyed with a great view of the city. St. Wenceslas’ Vineyard lies on the eastern hillsides of  Prague castle. After a visit to the castle, it’s an easy stroll down to Villa Richter. Enjoy a glass of Pinot Noir or Riesling on their terrace, right next to the vineyards and overlooking the city.


#7- Enjoy haute cuisine at low prices

Food and drink prices in Prague are considerably lower than in most of Europe, and the same goes for gourmet dinners. As we love saving some money, we decided to go for a fine dining experience. La Veranda offers an absolutely delicious 7-course tasting menu for less than 75$ pp.

#8- Stroll past the Old Market Square stalls

Easter decorations turned the Old Market Square into a colorful scene at the time of our visit. The cute stalls offer typical Chechz food, and of course, beer. Beer in Prague is what coffee is elsewhere: to be enjoyed at any moment of the day.


#9- Rise above town (hall)

Prague holds many nice viewpoints, but my absolute favorite is the view from the Old Town Hall Tower. Located in the middle of the Old Market Square, the tower offers a terrific view of Prague’s beautiful heart.


#10- Go local at Lokál Dlouhá

Our fine dining experience was delicious, but not exactly typically Czech. We didn’t want to leave Prague without tasting local food. Lokál Dlouhá looks like it survived the Cold War. The menu was very local and thus quite puzzling to us, so we went with the suggestions of the waitress. Although not the most fine cuisine, everything was very tasty.


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