Las Estacas, Mexico: Glamping & Camping in Paradise

Las Estacas is a stunning natural park just two hours from Mexico City. We went from glamping to camping on our two visits to this tropical retreat. No matter which option you pick, you’ll be staying in paradise.

Getting there

Like most destinations in Mexico, there’s a road to hell leading up to paradise. Once you make it past Mexico City’s confusing two-story highway, the traffic hub of Cuernavaca awaits. A slightly longer but less nerve-racking route runs through the mountains of Tepoztlán, and comes with scenic views as a bonus.

The last part of the road to Las Estacas is lined with colorful eateries. Make sure to try the state of Morelos’ specialty cecina, thinly sliced marinated beef served with tacos.



On our first stay in Las Estacas, we opted for a glamping experience. The price of $125 USD per night includes breakfast and access to the park for two days.

The glamping zone is divided into secluded natural boots, each with a tent, private outdoor shower and restroom. Glamping in Las Estacas offers the comfort and privacy of a hotel room, right in the middle of nature.


After seeing the camping facilities at Las Estacas on our first visit, we decided to come back and pitch our own tent. The campground has a nice area with restrooms and showers, with better water pressure than most showers in Mexico City.

The best part about bringing camping gear to Las Estacas are the mobile barbecues. We rolled one up to the edge of the river and spend the entire day grilling, soaking up the sun and taking a refreshing plunge now and then.


Swim in the crystal clear river

The main draw of Las Estacas is the crystal clear river that runs through the park, which wouldn’t be out of place on the Yucatan Peninsula. There are various activities on the water for an additional cost, including scuba diving initiations, snorkeling and paddle board tours.

Sip on a cocktail in the adult-only pool

Las Estacas offers a warmer alternative to the clear but cold river. There are numerous pools in the park, from kid-friendly to adult-only. The latter comes with bar service of delicious, and inexpensive cocktails.

Indulge in antojitos mexicanos

In addition to delicious cocktails, Las Estacas’ Mercadito has a menu filled with antojitos. These Mexican snacks are meant to satisfy any little craving that may come up during the day, although most non-mexicans would consider them a full meal. Whatever appetite you bring to the table, antojitos mexicanos will satisfy it.

There are also two restaurants in the park, one serving up brick-oven pizzas right on the water.

Glamping or camping, Las Estacas has everything in store for a relaxing weekend away from the city.

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