Meet Klara the Explorer

explore: to travel over (new territory) for adventure or discovery

I started exploring at age 17, when I swapped my hometown in Belgium for a little town in Argentina’s countryside. For a year, I lived in an Argentinian host family, drank mate and fernet, went to high school in Spanish, danced cumbia and became a carnivore. I fell in love with this incredible culture and couldn’t wait to start exploring others.


University brought me back to Belgium, but I didn’t plan on staying there. After two years in Leuven, I spend a semester at the Singapore Management University. Not only is Singapore an impressive city to live in, it’s also the perfect hub to explore Southeast Asia. In between rooftop parties and group assignments, we rode tuk tuks in Bangkok, a motorcycle in Bali and the night train in Vietnam.


I signed up for a second university exchange in Montréal, Canada. Five months were not nearly enough to discover this beautiful country, but it did make me suspect that Canada might be heaven on earth. Which I was not afraid to advocate, as proven below.


An internship at the United Nations landed me in New York City. I left from my previous visits to New York City feeling there was so much left to do, so waking up in this city for five full months felt like heaven. 

Student life stopped, but exploring didn’t. I started working for an international company in Belgium and got transferred to Southern USA. After several months in Louisiana, I called the city of Dallas home for two years. Texas had me sold on long road trips, summers by the pool and camping in the desert.

I left the USA with many great memories and my favorite person. We moved to Mexico City in 2020, ready for life together on the other side of the border.

Fast forward two years, and we are back in the USA. Now based in Virginia, we get to explore the beautiful East Coast with our teardrop trailer.